Most executives don’t just work from a corporate office. Today, business is often a 24/7 endeavor, with persons frequently working from home offices or taking phone calls at home after hours. Your home can present an enticing target for corporate espionage.

How many times have you been on vacation and received a lengthy phone call from someone at the office, requiring a lengthy conversation? Vacation homes are particularly attractive targets for eavesdroppers, as they are vacant most of the year, and often isolated enough from neighboring residences (or even in a foreign country), that unobserved illegal entry is not difficult.

Furthermore, your home may not be primarily targeted by corporate spies, but may instead be a target for voyeurs and blackmailers whose weapons are hidden cameras which they conceal in bedrooms and bathrooms in an attempt to gain intimate video of you or your family.

In addition to these warning signs, also consider having a TSCM examination done based on:

  • Remodeling/New Construction
  • A high number of false alarms from your security system but nothing has been stolen
  • Termination of a housekeeper or other staff
  • Divorce/Custody Matters