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If you suspect that your office or phone is the target of illegal eavesdropping, please be careful in how you contact Northport Security. Since your phone may be monitored, please use the phone of a friend or associate while outside your home or office. This prevents an eavesdropper from removing the device prior to the TSCM inspection or turning it off remotely and thereby making it harder to discover.

You can also contact us via email; however, if there is a possibility that your email account has been compromised, consider creating a new free account on Google or Yahoo and contacting us at [email protected] via that account.

Also, please refrain from discussing an upcoming TSCM inspection with associates. The threat of an insider actually being an eavesdropper is always a possibility.

We are located in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, but provide our services throughout Michigan, and in other states and countries, as requested.

Contact us at:

[email protected]
Telephone 616-676-9206

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