Former FBI Agents Protecting Your Privacy


The FBI estimates that every year billions of dollars worth of business are lost to competitors who steal trade secrets and technology from U.S. businesses. If your company hosts visitors from foreign-based companies, you are at even greater risk.


Your home can present an enticing target for corporate espionage, and vacation homes are particularly attractive targets for eavesdroppers.

Hotel Rooms/Conferences

Northport Security can examine hotel rooms and conference rooms prior to your meetings and ensure that your privacy is maintained.


GPS tracking devices that can pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle can be purchased for less than $100. If your vehicle is parked outside your garage, on the street, or in a parking lot or ramp, it is an easy target.


Corporate jets are high value targets for espionage. Can you be certain your aircraft hasn't been compromised?


Many yachts are used seasonally, and are docked at an unguarded or poorly guarded marina for the rest of the year, making them easy targets for installation of intelligence gathering devices.

Locker/Changing Rooms

Hidden cameras are being found in locker rooms, restrooms, and changing rooms at an alarming rate.  Northport Security can protect you by examining your facilities on a regular schedule to mitigate your risk of civil liability.

Family Law

Could your spouse be spying on you?

In contentious divorces cases where money and assets are at stake, as well as potential custody issues, it has become common for spouses to try to eavesdrop in the hopes of digging up negative information on their spouse in order to gain an advantage. The stakes are high and people will do whatever is necessary for them to “win”.

Why Sweep?

Ask yourself:  What do I have to lose if someone installs an eavesdropping device in my home, business/organization, or vehicle?  Economic and reputational loss are just a couple of potential impacts of espionage, while loss of basic dignity can result from a hidden camera.


Why Us?

Simply put, Northport Security has an excellent combination of expertise, experience, and equipment in the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) field.  Our background as former FBI Agents assures you that you are hiring persons of integrity who have done hundreds of TSCM inspections (also referred to as "bug sweeps" and electronics countermeasures), both domestically and abroad, using the same equipment that is used by Northport Security.