Protecting You

The FBI estimates that every year billions of dollars worth of business are lost to competitors who steal trade secrets and technology held by U.S. industries.


The threats are real and increasing.  Technology has made electronic eavesdropping devices smaller, cheaper, and more effective.  Anyone can buy a cheap device off Amazon or eBay and install it in an office or bedroom in order to listen to your private conversations or watch you.  Just do a search for “hidden camera” on one of these sites and you’ll see hundreds of examples of devices that can look like innocuous items but actually conceal a small camera.


Your information and privacy are valuable and we can help you protect them.  Whether it’s a corporate spy or insider committing espionage, a spouse using a GPS to track your vehicle, or a custodian installing cameras in a locker room, Northport Security has the expertise and advanced equipment to identify and eliminate the threats and give you peace of mind.

Actual hidden cameras

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