Personal Services


We do sweeps for persons involved in divorce matters when there is a concern that a spouse (or a Private Investigator whom they hired) is spying on them.  We also check executive residences with home offices, especially with the rise of work from home, and vacation residences.

Residential Sweeps

We get a lot of phone calls from people who have found cameras or recorders in their homes which were installed by a spouse.  The reasons include trying to gain evidence that will assist in a divorce or custody matter or trying to learn legal strategy, as well as outright voyeurism.  We can examine your residence to find eavesdropping devices and give you peace of mind.

Vehicle Sweeps

GPS tracking devices that can pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle can be purchased online for less than $100. They are small and utilize batteries that can last for several weeks, and they can be installed on your vehicle in minutes. GPS devices can also be powered off your vehicle’s power system and will last indefinitely.
In Michigan, it is legal for Private Investigators to install GPS trackers on a spouse’s vehicles, provided certain statutory requirements are met.  We have the expertise to find these devices for you.

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