Why Us?

Northport Security uses the same equipment used by the U.S. Government to protect its most sensitive facilities. We have years of training and experience using this equipment both domestically and abroad, and fully understand how to use the full capabilities of it.

Some of the equipment we use includes:

  • REI OSCOR Green 0-24 GHz
  • REI ANDRE Advanced Near Field Detection Receiver
  • REI Talan Telephone Analyzer
  • REI Orion Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD)
  • FLIR Thermal Imager
  • Netscout Air Check G2 wifi analyzer
  • Spyfinder Hidden Camera Detector
  • Wolfhound Pro cellphone detector


Anyone can buy TSCM equipment, but the question is, “Do they know how to use it?” We have years of experience using the best equipment available, and we have received the best training available. This level of training is not available to persons outside the government.

We also partner with other former FBI Tech Agents, who have been similarly trained, and also have experience performing TSCM examinations throughout the United States and abroad. We understand the sensitive nature of this work and the importance of Operational Security to safeguard our clients and maintain the integrity of our work.

In addition, we have done hundreds of court-authorized installations of electronic surveillance devices. Not only do we know how and where these devices are best installed, but we are also familiar with the latest cutting-edge technology. While other TSCM firms may be familiar with cheap surveillance devices available online or in spy shops, we know what the most advanced devices look like and how they operate. Learn more on our Facebook page.


When you have a TSCM examination of your home or business done, you are inviting a stranger into your most private areas. It is essential that you be able to trust the TSCM examiner. Some TSCM firms you will find on the internet also operate “spy shops,” selling the very same eavesdropping devices that they are supposedly trying to detect. Unfortunately, there are stories of unscrupulous individuals such as these “finding” an eavesdropping device, which was later determined to have been installed by the same individual during the examination.

Our long careers in federal law enforcement working for the FBI as Special Agents on extremely sensitive and classified matters have necessitated that we pass rigorous background investigations, both prior to joining the FBI, and every five years thereafter, in order to maintain our security clearances. We have been thoroughly vetted and have earned the trust accorded to us.

When you hire the professionals of Northport Security, you can be assured that you have hired honest experts with the highest level of integrity.

Proud member of the following organizations:

  • FBI Agents Association
  • Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI
  • ASIS International