Corporate Services

Offices and Boardrooms

Executive offices, Board Rooms, Conference Rooms, laboratories, Human Resources Departments, Executive Assistants, Corporate Attorneys, Finance Departments, and telephone systems and switches are all high-value targets for eavesdroppers.

Your corporate information and trade secrets have value to your competitors.  Don’t wait until after you have experienced a loss.  Be proactive and have regular sweeps done to identify existing threats and deter future attacks.

Also consider a sweep after new construction or remodeling, a corporate merger, the termination of an employee, or high profile litigation.

Conferences and Hotel Rooms

Having a board meeting offsite at a hotel? 
Discussing a merger in a hotel room?

Those spaces were probably not secured prior to your arrival and were serviced by persons not vetted by you, which means it would have been relatively easy for someone to plant a recording device or transmitter in the room.  We can make sure that those rooms are clean and safe for you to use.


Your aircraft’s cabin serves as your office in the sky.  We can make sure eavesdropping devices were not installed while your aircraft was in a foreign country or not housed in your secure hangar.

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