GPS tracking devices that can pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle can be purchased online for less than $100. They are small and utilize batteries that can last for several weeks, and they can be installed on your vehicle in minutes. GPS devices can also be powered off your vehicles power system and will last indefinitely.

comparative size of GPS unit and battery

If your vehicle is parked outside your garage, on the street, or in a parking lot or ramp, it is an easy target. And, if you have your vehicle valet parked, you have given a stranger free access to the interior of your vehicle, allowing an adversary to install an audio transmitter or recorder to capture your conversations.

Ask yourself how someone could profit by knowing your location. Could it reveal an upcoming merger with another company whose offices you are visiting? Could it be used by the media (or paparazzi in the case of celebrities) to attempt to embarrass or blackmail you? Could it be used to facilitate the abduction of a loved one?

Signs that your vehicle may need a TSCM inspection include:

  • Tracks in snow or mud around your vehicle
  • Moved driver or passenger seat
  • Excessive radio static
  • Flashing clock or lost radio presets