Could your spouse be spying on you?

In contentious divorces cases where money and assets are at stake, as well as potential custody issues, it has become common for spouses to try to eavesdrop in the hopes of digging up negative information on their spouse in order to gain an advantage. The stakes are high and people will do whatever is necessary for them to “win”.

Hidden cameras concealed in smoke detectors, USB chargers, and other innocuous looking devices are routinely being found in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms in residences, as spouses try to gain evidence against each other. We have many examples of hidden cameras which have been found on our Facebook page. And, while not admissible in court, the information learned can be used to blackmail or assist private investigators to develop admissible evidence.


Hidden CamerasTop row: Smoke Detector, USB charger, Screw Head camera, Wifi camera, Motion Detector | Bottom row: Alarm Clock, Coat Hook, Pen, USB Stick, Vehicle Remote

Spouses no longer living at a residence can gain access to plant eavesdropping devices if they have keys or know how to otherwise get into a house. Even if locks have been changed and alarms installed, children have been used to unknowingly bring a recording or transmitting device into the home by a parent who conceals the device in a back, or gives the child a gift such as a stuffed animal which has a device concealed inside of it.

For example, here is a stuffed animal with a hidden wifi camera inside for sale online:

The specifications note that “Even if the camera is handled by someone curious, the electronics are indistinguishable from the original electronics for making the dog talk.” Would you be able to tell there is a camera inside?

In divorce cases it is also fairly common for a spouse to hire a private investigator to place a GPS tracking device on their spouse’s vehicle. In fact, in Michigan, it is legal for private investigators to do so in certain situations. These devices are now very small and sometimes no bigger than a deck of cards. They can easily be concealed inside the vehicle or attached with a magnet to the underside of the vehicle.

See our Vehicle Services page for more information on detection of GPS devices. Northport Security specializes in finding all types of electronic eavesdropping devices, from transmitters and recorders to cameras and GPS trackers. Contact us at to learn how we can protect you.