Modern technology has made small, quality cameras available to everyone at an affordable price. Devices such as GoPro’s and cell phones with quality lenses, as well as small wifi cameras, are common, and are being used to create amazing photos and videos.

Unfortunately, this technology is being exploited by voyeurs seeking to observe what should be our most private areas. All too frequently, stories appear in the media about criminals who planted cameras above ceilings in changing rooms or hid cameras in bathrooms. Many of the cameras which have recently been found have been hidden in plain sight, and have been cleverly integrated into common objects such as clothes hooks, smoke detectors, soap dispensers and tissue boxes.

Businesses especially at risk for this type of activity include sports clubs or exercise facilities with locker rooms, retail stores with changing rooms for trying on clothing, and any business with restrooms available to customers and/or employees. Schools have proven to be especially vulnerable to hidden cameras, with devices being found in restrooms and locker rooms at an alarmingly increasing rate.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of these types of cases is that the vast majority of the cameras that have been discovered have been installed by insiders, including coaches, teachers, clergy, doctors, nurses, and, most frequently, custodial staff.

Northport Security offers special rates for camera only inspections for schools, medical facilities, fitness facilities, and retail establishments who do not need the full spectrum of our capabilities, but want to be assured that hidden cameras have not been installed.

Northport Security can tailor a regular schedule of camera inspections to fit your needs and detect and deter this criminal activity.  Regular inspections reassure those who use your facilities that they are safe, and help you avoid lawsuits and negative publicity.

Recent Hidden Camera Cases