Just as GPS tracking devices can easily be installed on vehicles, so too can they be installed on boats.  An expertly installed GPS tracker can be wired into a boat’s power system and will last indefinitely, and the same is true of audio and video recorders.  Even without a cell signal to transmit the information out, the data can be recorded and transmitted later, when cellular service is re-established.  

Many yachts are used seasonally, and are docked at an unguarded or poorly guarded marina for the rest of the year, making them easy targets for the installation of intelligence gathering devices by hostile parties. Northport Security can examine your yacht prior to its seasonal use, or periodically throughout the year.  Optimally, a TSCM examination would be done immediately prior to your crew coming on board for the season, so the integrity of the sweep is maintained.

Consider the following in deciding whether a TSCM examination of your yacht might be a good idea:

  • Do you invite clients aboard and discuss business?
  • Could a camera installed in a stateroom cause embarrassment to you, your family, or guests?
  • Did you recently terminate a crew member?
  • Could knowledge of your location be exploited to facilitate an act of piracy?